Running an Amish cabinet shop in Ohio has its challenges but we are grateful for the opportunity to put our skills and heritage to use when producing quality custom kitchen cabinets.

Working with family
Being a family owned and operated business has its advantages. Our family has deep roots in the Amish heritage. We drive a horse and buggy when traveling longer distances and sometimes we ride our bikes. Being a close knit family we often share meals together. This rich family heritage has taught us a lot about valuing each relationship we have established over the years and building good relationships with our customers.

Using our woodworking skills
Our Amish heritage has taught us to work diligently with everything we put our hands to. Our wood working experience dates back over twenty five years ago when my dad, Ray Weaver, began building things using a table saw and small hand tools in his basement. With his new equipment, he began to build shelves and small furniture pieces for family members. The woodworking skills we use today in our cabinet shop have been passed down from generations of Amish craftsmen. These skills ensure that each kitchen we manufacture is made with the utmost quality.

Getting power for our shop
Even though we are Amish we still have access to power tools for our shop. The trick is running the power tools without having direct electric hookup. We use a generator to run most of our power tools and lights inside our shop. With the convenience of a generator we can run most of the tools a normal cabinet shop can run. Having limited access to power has helped us become more creative and efficient when building custom kitchen cabinets.

Working with family, improving our woodworking skills, and finding ways to power our shop are all part of making quality kitchen cabinets at our business. We are grateful for the patience and attention to details our Amish heritage has given us and we are excited to share our custom kitchen cabinets with families for generations to come.